The Lil Appendage that COULD – a 3 hour EDGING tale

Role Play story published w/ express permission of slave jimmy.

See this photo of my nice slave greg under control w/ Chastity?

This is not about that…..this is about jimmy…the subissive that has a serious problem w/ Priapism. I have ordered him several times to go under lock and key but he has refused only to give in to despair as he squanders over 4 hours daily masturbating to FemmDomme Tease & Denial porn.

jimmy needed to be taken to the limit…pushed to the edge so to speak. Tonight was the night. I kidnapped him from his parked car around the corner…..drove him to a well prepared Dungeon where I stripped him down to his tighty whiteys…then chained him to my medical table…his arms FIRMLY at his side as his ankles where cuffed and immobile. He will KNOW the true torment of T&D by the time I finish with him.

I went easy on jimmy the first hour..he called me “AUNTIE ANYA” as I rubbed lavender & mint oil all over his body…with a large splash of lube on his groin. I played and replayed the best of Femme Domme Teast and Denial porn to appease his one track mind. He helplessly watched the ceiling from his leather masked face, he was 100% unable to touch himself. He was bound so tightly he could hardly wiggle his wrists or ankles as I sat on top of his groin…..tickling him and teasing him mercilessly.
Then…the fun really began. DING DONG DING DONG…my two girls arrived to ensure he was LEARNING something. “No….chastity device…and you have not even bought a little cat to stroke instead of that appendage of yours?” …said Amaya…”It’s not MY fault…it is my “Priapsm”…that is a medical condition,” replied jimmy…feeling a bit stressed at this point as we both grabbed scissors and cut his underwear off.
Julia then went to the kitchen to bring forth sliced rings of grapefruit….we had so much fun placing those rings up and down little jimmy’s weak little appendage as he squealed in agony….unable to even move. Squealed as his sounds were at least muffled by a ball gag attached to his leather face mask.

The teasing continued as we hot waxed his appendage but were kind enough to use our Vampire gloves to remove all the remaining wax. We then had to smother his genital area w/ shaving cream as we removed ANY remaining hair we spotted. Amaya even took out her tweezers and collected anything that was missed by the razor. “I feel so ashamed and vulnerable…Mistresses…please rub your bare bodies over me so I can feel better,” jimmy begged. Jimmy continued to beg to no avail. We all just gathered around toying with his penis and laughing and probing him…then we inserted a dildo w/ a tight CBT harness.

The Third hour was a breaking point for little over excited jimmy. More teasing and true scientific experimentation to purge him of sperm to be studied in the lab in hopes of a cure for priapsm. Alas he erupted..we captured our material and our research was satisfied. I knew the appendage COULD!