Distance Training

For those who live too far away to experience my presence in person, you may wish to arrange a long distance servitude. Once you are accepted as my submissive, slave or simply a person needing Discipline… I will keep you on your toes with mischievous email assignments and/or devious phone calls. Once we establish a mutual bond I will have you perform silly to downright scandalous acts to maintain your loyalty to ME as you utter over and over again…..
“I’m yours my one and only Mistress Anya.”

Do you need a PUNISHER to ensure you are on tract with your ambitions?

Do you want to experience the fine act of completing a homework assignment of having a cocktail and “encounter” with a cross dresser?

To photograph yourself NUDE in an awkward public setting?

Fitness Training..you wear a smart watch as I track your every fitness move as I log in to your ap daily to verify your progress Send your defects to ME at ladyanyabdsm@gmail.com. Thank you.

Can you OBEY ME on Camera? If so…find me via Skype at MYLADYANYA and I will test you out ….

The lists are only bounded my your mind…$75 you will receive you 12 emails, 4x 15 minute SKYPE chats in 7 days Or we can work on a comprehensive contract…..send ME AN email and you will receive a method to PAY though SQUARE is PREFERRED If you cannot use SQUARE PLEASE REVIEW HERE for methods to TRIBUTE: CLICK HERE

Want to simply talk? Tribute ME here: